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My DVD Player Just Gave Up The Ghost.
December 18, 2008, 1:36 pm
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The red light is lit—which, strangely, means that it is off.  But that’s a sign it’s at least getting power.  Unfortunately, it won’t turn on in the full sense and it won’t spit out my Darjeeling Limited DVD.  

It’s done this before and the problem was solved by a simple unplugging and replugging.  I’ve tried that half-a-dozen times, and it’s not working this time.


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Well, seems like you’re just going to have to get out a few trusty screwdrivers and open the thing up. You don’t want to waste such an excellent movie as The Darjeeling Limited. Unacceptable.

Comment by Christopher

Done. Getting to the disc drive took about a minute of unscrewing. Breaking into the actual drive without scratching the disc was trickier.

Comment by the.pilgrim

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