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Why Computers Can’t Be People
December 9, 2008, 8:06 pm
Filed under: Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy

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Computers manipulate (compute) explicit information according to a set of explicit rules.  They must do this.  It is all they can do.


We can manipulate information according to rules.  But that’s not all we do.  Indeed, we can’t help but do more.  We must do more—its not up to us.  We do more whether we like it or not.


This something more—call it personal intelligence—is something computers can’t have.  


That’s why computers can’t be people: people have something that computers can’t.  


Computers can’t be people.  Or at least nothing that is a mere computer can be a person.  I’m a computer, but I’m more than a computer.  If we ever successfully create AI, the whatever-it-is that has AI won’t be a mere computer.


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