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Christian Prayer (re-dated)
December 6, 2008, 5:25 pm
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Prayer isn’t spiritual technology.  Prayer isn’t Christian spell-casting.  Prayer isn’t Christian divination.

It isn’t even a “proven and sensible” means to some end.  

The question of whether prayer works is nearly irrelevant.  To the person who prays, such a question is foreign.  If you find yourself dwelling on this question, it may be that you haven’t tasted the living flavour of prayer.  

Prayer bursts forth from the heart.  Thankfulness.  Praise.  Lament.  Longing.  Petition.  

We don’t pray these prayers because they work.  (Which is NOT to say that we pray them even though they don’t work.)

Real prayer isn’t so cold and calculated as to render such a question relevant.  In face of life we find ourselves with thankfulness, praise, lamentation, and longing for God to set things right.  Prayer is the expression of these matters of the heart.  We simply find ourselves with the need to express these things, and so we do.  

So like I said, in the heat of the moment the question of whether prayer works is foreign to the one who prays.

We don’t do it because it works, but because we can’t help but do it.  Real prayer is that desperate.  

Cold and calculative prayers are hardly worthy of the name.


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