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Am I A Conservative or a Liberal/Progressive? (re-dated)
December 1, 2008, 10:03 pm
Filed under: Culture, Politics

Neither label is worth beans nowadays.

Today being a real progressive will likely mean becoming:

  • more conservative… and less wasteful.
  • more conservative… and less consumeristic.
  • more conservative… and more involved in developing culture and remembering our cultural heritage.
  • more conservative… and less trusting of the basic assumptions of classical liberalism and the prizing of individual freedom above all else.
  • more conservative… and loyal to developing one’s local community.
  • more conservative… and more personal and grassroots oriented, rather than ‘liberal’ and endlessly confident in the ability of ‘just one more’ committee or bureaucracy to come down from on high and fix our problems.

All the so-called ‘left wing’ issues like the arts, environmentalism, revitalization of communities, multiculturalism… all these issues will involve adopting a conservative stance. (Though, not necessarily a ‘right wing’ one.) The one ‘left wing’ issue that doesn’t fit in very well here is the homosexual issue. Same-sex ‘marriage’ is always argued for with the basic assumptions of classical liberalism – i.e. devotion to freedom at just about any cost, and the rebuilding of society from scratch based upon abstract principles.


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