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Sorrow on the Bus
November 21, 2008, 7:05 pm
Filed under: Culture, Politics

I nearly wept today on the bus.  I saw a beautiful young mother–17 years old tops–struggle to get her stroller into position on the bus while the asshole father sat and chatted with a friend, completely indifferent to the situation.

This set me off thinking.  There’s a reason why gentlemen of good character were at one time expected to give special deference to women: they were probably somebody’s mother or wife or sister.  And it was understood to be a fitting thing to treat mothers, wives and sisters with special care.

Nowadays, this attitude would probably be seen as sexist; yet another way in which the domination of women has been woven into the fabric of our culture.

Is that really what special deference to women means?  Is so doing a matter of men submitting to women out of respect, or is it a way for men to subjugate them?  Has something been lost?

At very least the father can get off his ass and help the mother of his child get on the bus.


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Regardless of gender, if someone is struggling at all, I always make it my ‘good deed for the day’ to help them.

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