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William Willimon – Resident Alien (Re-dated)
November 18, 2008, 1:06 pm
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“When I was in seminary, I got the impression that my job as a pastor was to help lessen the gap between the Bible and the “modern world.” Here was the Bible, mired in the First Century. Here was the skeptical, critical modern world. The pastor, through preaching and various acts of pastoral ministry, labored to lessen the gap, to bring the gospel close to where modern Americans lived. Since then I have come to the conclusion that today’s faithful pastor ought to clarify, accentuate the gap between the Bible and the modern world rather than lessen the gap. Evangelism calls people, not to agreement, but to conversion, detoxification, the adoption of practices meant to save them from the deceits of the “modern world.” In churches which have for so long called people to adjustment, we are calling for pastors willing to call people to alienation, to be, in the title of a book by Hauerwas and me, “Resident Aliens.”


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I just the William Willimon quote you featured. I’m trying to figure out the Emerging Church stuff and am definitely confused by the myriad of definitions (or supreme lack of definition, I suppose).
I enjoyed your blog this evening and plan to come back soon.

Comment by Deborah

oops, meant:
“just love the William Willimon quote”

Comment by Deborah

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