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Sounds Like a Good Masters Thesis? (re-dated)
November 4, 2008, 8:31 am
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Science or scholarship can never be more than an affirmation of the things we believe in.  These beliefs will by their very nature, be of a normative character, claiming universal validity; they must also be responsible beliefs, held in due consideration of evidence and of the fallibility of all beliefs; but eventually they are ultimate commitments, issued under the seal of our personal judgement.  To all further critical scruples we must at some point finally reply: “For I believe so.”

We are living in the midst of a period requiring great readjustments.  One of these is to learn once more to hold beliefs, our own beliefs.  The task is formidable, for we have been taught for centuries to hold as belief only the residue which no doubt can conceivably assail.  There is no such residue left to-day, and that is why the ability to believe with open eyes must once more be systematically re-acquired.  

Michael Polanyi, The Logic of Liberty, 37.


I’d say all of my philosophical interests revolve around this.


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how does knowledge fit/ with belief?

Comment by Gabe

If all knowledge involves attending to something focally from subsidiaries, then all knowing will be a kind of risky extension of ourselves into the world. This will be inherently risky. And so every epistemic act will involve belief and trust.

And under a more traditional account, knowledge will be belief + truth + justification and/or warrant + something else to solve the Gettier counter examples. So all knowledge will be belief, but not all beliefs will be knowledge.

Comment by the.pilgrim

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