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Bono, Evangelist
August 26, 2008, 1:20 pm
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From Noel Gallagher:

Before going to see U2 in Manchester recently, me and my girlfriend were saying, ‘I wonder what it is with Bono and God?’ Anyway, we’re sat around a table after the gig and I go, ‘Explain it to me ’cause I was brought up Catholic and it means f— all to me.’ We had a good three hour conversation about his religious philosophy, which is basically, ‘Go to God, tell Him what all your flaws are and say, Can you work with me?’ Which is completely different to the ‘Don’t drink, don’t screw, don’t take drugs and always go to church’ bollocks you get taught in school. I didn’t think a whole lot more about it until two days later when there’s a knock on the door and the recorded delivery guy hands me two books that have been sent by Bono. There’s also a little note, which reads, ‘I don’t know if you were serious the other night, but here’s something that might give you a bit more of an understanding.’ What a f—ing top geezer! His Dad’s on his death bed, yet he still takes the time to go out, buy two books and send ’em to me! . . . I tell you, I’m going to read ’em from cover to cover.” Q/HM magazine, Mar/Apr 2002.


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