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What’s Wrong With Killing A Fetus?
August 20, 2008, 6:34 pm
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What is wrong with it?

How shall we answer this question?

One way is by asking another question: What’s wrong with killing me?

If you kill me you rob me of my future.  Whatever else I happen to value, I most certainly value my future.  For without my future, I won’t be able to enjoy anything else I happen to value.  In this sense, my future is among the most valuable things to me.

{It probably isn’t the most valuable thing to me.  For example, the life of my wife, my parents and my sister might be more valuable to me than my own life.  I hope that if I ever had to make that choice I’d sacrifice myself for them.  At very least I understand that such a sacrifice would be noble and praiseworthy.  Still, I’d like to make the choice myself.  So until I make that kind of decision, my future is still very valuable to me.  For, if I’m robbed of my future, I won’t even have an opportunity to make the heroic decision.}

So it seems it is wrong to kill me because it robs me of my highly valuable future.

What of the fetus?  Doesn’t the fetus have a valuable future like mine?

Sure it does.

So it is wrong to kill the fetus for the same reason it is wrong to kill me.  The fetus is a living human with a valuable future like mine.


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