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For Obama? (Some scattered thoughts in defense of my endorsement of Obama.)
July 7, 2008, 8:07 pm
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If I was American, I’d probably vote for Obama.  


Not for policy reasons, really.  Though, yes, I’m in favour his policy positions on the matter of getting out of Iraq and unveiling a more attractive face to world in terms of foreign policy generally.  I think the world will like America a lot more with Obama as commander in chief.  I think that would be a good thing.

But Obama is man of the left.  I’d like to think that I’m non-partisan, but it is probably more accurate to say that I don’t subscribe to the left-wing political orthodoxy on all issues and I’m also not a member of the religious-right.  Anyhow, I think it is fair to say that, on most issues, Obama tows the left-wing party line (the American version).  This means he’s a pro-choice person.  Like it or not, that’s simply a matter of orthodoxy for the left, and Obama is fully orthodox in this respect.

I myself am a pro-life person.  But I’m also an incrementalist.  That is, I believe in achieving political goals in small incremental steps.  In this way, I’m not purist.  I’m a realist.  Some pro-life people think that supporting anyone who is pro-choice is out of the question.  I think this is wrong.

I highly suspect that many (most?) Republican politicians are pro-lifers of convenience, not conviction.  Since it gives them access to a huge voter base that they need, political expediency demands they confess to a pro-life position.  And even if they are pro-lifers of conviction, they don’t seem to be pro-lifers of action.  Through all the Reagan, George Bush and George W. Bush years, little to no advances have been made in the pro-life cause.  For whatever reason, they haven’t got much done, right?  Even their appointees to the Supreme Court don’t support a reversal of Rove v. Wade, right?

So how do we move forward?  

Obama knows he (probably) needs support from some of the pro-life people who’ve been held hostage by the Republicans.  (BTW – the Democrats deserve a lot of the blame for this too.)  And a person like Obama stands a much better chance than a man of the right (who would likely be seen as a man in the back pocket of the extreme religious-right) to implement some reasonable limitations upon late term partial-birth abortions.  That pro-lifers couldn’t achieve even this in all these years, something polls in both Canada and the U.S. confirm to be supported a majority of citizens, not merely people of the religious-right, shows how impotent the Republicans have been in advancing the pro-life position.

As I see it, the pragmatic move is to involve the Democrats and normalize the case for reasonable limits on late term partial birth abortion.  If you want less abortions to take place over the next 20 years, this is the way forward.

And so, as I see it, pro-life people don’t have a pro-life reason to avoid Obama.

In terms of big government and big spending, G.W. Bush has increased spending and the size of government to record levels, hasn’t he?  Is G.W. Bush even a proper conservative?  A man of the right, maybe.  But a true small government conservative?  No way.  Conservatives used to be the crazy cranks worried about the government spying on them.  Bush made this a reality, right?

The Republicans need to be out of power.  Both for the good of America and for the good of the Republican party.


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