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American Money is Real Money.
July 7, 2008, 8:24 pm
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I recently got my hands on some American cash.  There is nothing like American bills.  They seem like real money to me.  Canadian money is too thick, shiny and colourful.  I also hate those folksy hockey pictures.  When Lincoln stares back at you on a five dollar American bill, you know it’s the real deal.  

American money is serious money.  It is manly money.  There, I said it.

It has better physical dimensions too.  Canadian bills are too fat.

A couple years back I heard a debate on whether or not Canada should adopt American currency as its official currency.  For purely aesthetic reasons, I’m totally in favour of that.  

I’d choose to carry American greenbacks over Canadian ‘monopoly money’ any day.


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used on a daily basis i have realized i prefer canadian money. although i thought american would be better, color recognition and loonies are actually quite helpful.

Comment by gabe

I think movies and TV have trained me to expect money to look like American money. Those suitcases with a million dollars stuffed in them always look green.

I’m very attracted to neatly stacked bundles of American cash. Which is to say I’m greedy and anxious to serve mammon, I guess.

Comment by the.pilgrim

thats true, however i always felt a little anxious over the ambiguity of those suitcases; I never knew how much was actually being rifled through- are those tens, twenty’s, hundred’s??, maybe they’re just ones…

Comment by gabe

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