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Embodiment and Dualism
June 30, 2008, 8:34 am
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Dualism is totally passe.  If you confess dualism or engage in practices that seem to presuppose dualism, that’s a major clue that you don’t ‘get it’.  There are many rationales for this.  Pick your favourite.

So why then all this talk of embodiment?  You can be as pro-body and pro-embodiment as you like.  Good for you.  But to do so is to continue to live in the realm of dualism, right?

This seems so obvious to me.  How is it that everyone is missing this?  Am I missing something?


BTW – I’m in favour of all that pro-body and pro-embodiment talk.  But I’m also a dualist of sorts.  Though I’m not sure precisely what sort of dualist I am.


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