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The Other
June 29, 2008, 12:36 pm
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The only person who is free from self-limitation in view of the other, is the other.

The only person who can issue a naked demand for what’s in their interest, with no shame, is the other.

Only the other can boldly engage in overt self-assertion, even violently, without a hint of shame.


The Nazis were able to rise to ascendancy because of their ability, thanks to post WWI realities, to cast themselves as the other.  How else were they able to lead the Germans in such bold self-assertion without shame?


You can bet that soon we’ll all be trying to narrate history such that we end up as the other.  In the world of tomorrow, which has already broken in upon today in many parts of the West, this will be THE way to achieve cultural power.


Only the other is free from social pressure to engage in self-questioning and self-doubt.  

The icon of righteousness is the other, fist raised high, defiantly culture-warring against larger society.


How do you think white-power racism groups get off the ground?  They ‘otherize’ themselves, right?


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