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Problem With Multiculturalism?
June 29, 2008, 1:09 pm
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No problem really, if by multiculturalism we mean the welcoming of the food, fashion, art and private religious practices of the many people groups immigrating into Canada which differ from the larger Canadian tradition.  

I recently attended our local multicultural festival.  It was great.


The philosophical problem with much of the talk about multiculturalism is that it goes on as if multiculturalism itself is not a substantive culture.  

Not just any culture can function as a host for multiculturalism.  Not right now.  Maybe with time, but not right now.

Multiculturalism depends for its survival on certain cultural values and institutions, right?  

Don’t we have to tend to these cultural values and institutions if we want multiculturalism to thrive?


So long as we treat these cultures as flavours to spice up our boring Western lives, aren’t we being patronizing?


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You could also ask whether cultures that do not have multiculturalism as an ideal can exist in a multicultural society.

I think some see multiculturalism as a void that needs to be filled out – with their ideas.

How to protect diversity if you accept everything?

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