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The Other
June 28, 2008, 5:05 pm
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I hear many folks these days speaking in hush tones about ‘the other’.  How do we treat ‘the other’?  Hmm.

This, most often from the lips of the self-professed enemies of abstraction.  Ironic, no?  Isn’t ‘the other’ among the most repulsive of abstractions?  And it positively reeks of Cartesianism, right?.  

I’m prejudiced against these kinds of folks.  

I much prefer the company of those who concern themselves with the well-being of others, rather than ringing their hands, faces ashen, in worry about ‘the other’.


BTW, if you still think being ‘the other’ is a sorry state to be in, you are living in the past.  ‘The other’ sits on the throne of political/cultural power.  That’s why everyone is in such a rush to belong to a minority community.  And that’s why minority communities are in such a rush to establish sub-communities.  I suspect that most talk these days in praise of community and in criticism of individualism is phony.  Its end game is 7 billion communities of one.  Community is the new individualism.  This is the engine which drives consumer culture.  


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