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Punk Doesn’t Exist and Never Did. Feel Cheated?
June 28, 2008, 5:07 pm
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Punk is how Disney sells children’s albums, GM sells SUVs, and McDonalds sells BigMacs.  The Sex Pistols were the original boy band, designed as an elaborate advertisement campaign for Malcolm McLaren’s ‘anti-fashion’ leather fashions.

You can spot a phony punk a mile away by their over fondness for the Sex Pistols.  


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Actually, the marketing of the sex pistols was significant being based largely around the philosophy of situationism. I heard about this on the history of rock, whoever was in charge of promoting the band was a big time Guy Debord fan. They pulled some big stunts of some sort.
Of course, in agreement with your post and the philosophy of debord, that which attempts to appose the spectacle is immediately incorporated in to the spectacle. I couldn’t find a quote, but I remember he says something like that somewhere in the society of the spectacle:

Comment by Craig

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