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Getting Real About Abortion
June 7, 2008, 8:42 am
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Unless our society undergoes some fairly major cultural changes, the introduction of abortion legislation (which apparently Canada completely lacks) will result in an increase in risk and suffering to the female population.

The reason for this is simple.  It is relatively easy for a man to run away from an unplanned pregnancy.  A woman can run if she wants, but the fetus stays with her.  Unless she gets an abortion.  This means that a man can enjoy the benefits of the sexual revolution with relative impunity.  But the sexual revolution is bad for women if abortion is off the table.

The risk and suffering would be mitigated by only banning late-term abortions and such.  

I  understand that a majority of Canadians believe there should be some limitations on abortion, particularly late-term abortion.  

So why no legislation on this?

If contraception is so cheap and accessible, how come I see so many pregnant teens and teens with babies on the bus?

Has being a “baby-mama” become an acceptable life-style?  Is it now a life that poor young women select for themselves?  Isn’t it a throughly anti-feminist and exploitative life-style?


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