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Against Religion? Some Scattered Thoughts (re-dated, 4.5 years old)
January 20, 2008, 9:21 pm
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Saw a poster at my university advertizing a Christian event. An event in which, a somewhat well known paster from the Toronto area will give a talk on the “radical spirituality of Jesus” and on how “Jesus hates religion” or something of the like. As far as I know the pastor is kind hearted guy who geniuinely loves Jesus, and wants to love people like Jesus loves people. Some of my friends think he’s great. So in a way I guess I do to.

Nevertheless… he’s one of those guys who still thinks its crazy crazy crazy for a pastor to have long hair!!! And he has long hair!!! WWoooo. Dangerous. He doesn’t wear a suit!!! AAAhhh!!! This could only be exciting for young people who’ve been Christians their whole lives and are now completely bored with church. Newsflash!!! Long hair aint that crazy! Neither are jeans and t-shirts!

My mocking imaginary quote of long hair pastor guy:

Well guess what kids… I’m crazy… you’re crazy… Jesus is crazy… and he’s crazy about you!!! Ain’t that crazy!!! Now lets eat pizza and play videa games… did you know that Christians can be crazy… well we can!!! 

Anyway. Needless to say its a little embaressing. I’m sure that those who envited him meant well. I’m sure he means well. But is this the kind thing that I think turns off (so called) “smart” people from the Gospel. Well it can… and I’m sure it does.

Also… doesn’t this guy know that spirituality is the new religion!?!

What’s the difference anyway? Religion = external, institutional, cold, ritualistic. Spirituality = warm, fuzzy, heart-felt, relationship based. I doubt it. You can define things that way if you want, but it won’t help either way. Jesus didn’t come to kill the big nasty institutions and get rid of external rules so we could finally just love each other and have a relationship (not a reltigion) with God. Jesus did NOT come so we could get really internal… to get our interior lives warm.

Christian “life in the Spirit”, is life in the capital “S” Spirit. Life in God Himself.

Relationship and religion (according to their normal usage) are not oposites.

If anything I’d rather be religious, because “religion” makes it clear that I’m a part of a community with leaders and teachings and practices and prayers and songs etc.. Spirituality can be done off in a corner by yourself, just getting buzy with your “heart”. Christianity is NOT like that. Christianity is completely strange to the heart. It comes from the outside and scares the crap out your little heart. You could never cook it up in your heart. Its about God acting powerfully to rescue the world from sin and death and form a people in Christ who will live in communion with Him for eternity

Of course I don’t think relgions exists. There is no such think as religion. Well maybe some people think there are religions. But Christians could never believe that religion even exists or that Christianity could EVER be categorized as a religion. That would place God as one specific example out of general set of gods. This is the BIG no no for any Biblical faith. There is one God, the true God, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, who en-fleshed himself and walked around Palastine 2000 years ago.

So God hates spirituality. Though he is happy to welcome you into the body of Christ; into life in the Spirit, that is, in God Himself.


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WOW. I’ve been wondering about all this, so many of my courses re: end of life issues talk about “spirituality” and to be honest it’s driving me crazy, I’m glad you said God hates spirituality, it clears up so much,I understand why I was reacting so negatively to the lectures and videos we watch re: spirituality… I’ve been trying to communicate what “my spirituality” is and how I express it – because we’re asked to (in my palliative ed. course)so we can be aware of our spiritualness… I even touched on it in one of my blogs… do you think you could comment on it if you have time? Just needing some advice.

Comment by Julie

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